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Mentoring & Mentor Training 

Mentoring is increasingly recognised for its value in supporting the transition of potential candidates into the workplace, providing insights in work, career guidance and supportive relationships to new people entering the industry.

A Mentor’s role is to provide advice and guidance and to help facilitate access to opportunities. This can be through face-to- face meetings or remote working, with mentors agreeing the most appropriate communication method with the mentee.

A Mentor is likely to have a coaching or mentoring background, although this is not a prerequisite, and can be someone working at any level within the organisation, bringing a range of competencies and skills to Building Pathways.

Training is available for all our Mentors, with the provision of a bespoke Building Pathways mentoring toolkit and top tips for mentors.

2 women talking at a desk
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Mentor Training

Mentoring is helping to inspire people to join the construction industry and supporting them through the sometimes challenging pathways into successful employment, but who mentors the mentors?  Building Pathways have recently launched an online mentor training programme to introduce vital mentoring skills to new industry volunteers and provide refresher training for more experienced hands.  We can train construction employees to be effective mentors, who will:

  • Inspire, support and motivate the next generation of workers
  • Pass on their skills, knowledge and experience of construction
  • Enhance their leadership skills within the industry and give something back to those starting out
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Feedback from participant Jamie Parkes, Social Value Manager at Keltbray

“Great to take part in the Building Pathways Mentor training session today which was moved to an online format for obvious reasons. Lots of tips for being an effective mentor, I look forward to putting them into practice when the programme starts.”

Feedback from Radii Partitioning Ltd

“Thank you to the team at Building Pathways, it was a great session enjoyed by all.”

If you are interested in training for Construction industry Mentors or would like to become a Building Pathways Mentor please contact us

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